1. Of Mice and Men 5/7/14

    Ok for no warranted reason at all, I went into this show with somewhat low expectations. I don’t know why really. I think it was just word of mouth through people who had seen it/the media—not exactly sure. Also, when hollywood people are on Broadway, I tend to expect less (not always, but sometimes). However, I had read the book in 8th grade (so like 6 years ago) and I really was hit by it. I did not see the end coming and I SOBBED S O B B E D when I finished it. Like I was SO upset. I had just become so engrossed in the story and emotionally invested in the characters, that it was seriously too much for me to handle.

    So I was excited about seeing the show, since I loved the book so much. But this was the same day I saw Les Mis, which I was SO excited for, and met Ramin and everyone. So that was kind of overshadowing everything. But MAN did they exceed every expectation I ever could have had. What a truly beautiful show. It was seriously so well done and well acted, I couldn’t believe it. And I got SO into it. I was so upset and I SOBBED once again. 

    I mean it was goooood. And Chris O’Dowd. Like holy shit what a performance. I could not believe it. He is seriously talented. Like oh my god I don’t have words to describe how incredible he was. And James! James! Totally exceeded my expectations. He was really good. Truly truly amazing. And Jim Norton like completely broke my heart. I just wanted to hug him so badly. So yeah. It was a really really good show and really hit me. I love seeing straight plays on Broadway because they are seriously underrated (or at least by me) but they are SO good. Every time I see one, I am just amazed at how well humans can act and like affect other people. Damn. 

    So I was never going to go to the stage door for this show. Like I assumed it would be swamped with James Franco fans and I assumed I wouldn’t even see him if I waited. So I had like a plan for all stage doors for the trip, and before I even saw it, I was like no stage door for Of Mice and Men. BUT then I saw the damn thing and I was like…hmmm…maybe we should just wait around for a little. 

    So I had like a great spot, but then the damn NYPD of course have to come and yell at all of us to get out of the street. And I end up on the side across from the theater like wayyyyy down the barricade line. Like very far. And I decided to stay along the barricade instead of being closer and cramming in the middle of the crowd because then I could at least see them get into their cars. So we are waiting. And basically every actor that wasn’t Leighton, James, and Chris, didn’t even look twice at anyone and just walked away. Which was kind of sad because they deserve recognition too and I would totally have loved to chat with them, but I guess that what comes with having a huge star in your show.

    So Leighton came out and I couldn’t even see her (not that I really wanted to). And she signed some stuff and drove away. Then Chris comes out and he is like really signing for everyone who was right there. So then I was like getting kind of upset because if they had just let me be, I could have been right there. So I like cross the street so I can at least SEE him. But then he starts to move along the line toward where I had just been! So I run back to my spot. And I end up getting his signature and even getting to tell him how amazing he was, which was SO cool. So Chris was like sooo incredibly nice because he really went all the way around to everyone (which was a lot of people) and after he finished along the long line I was standing in, he went back along the other side’s long line. So that was like very admirable in my eyes.

    Then James comes out. And I am convinced (based on a friend’s description of what happened during the preview performance he went to and ya know what was going on in the media…) that he totally was just gonna sign a few things and drive away. BUT NO! He does the exact same thing as Chris and I really couldn’t believe it. So nice. So then he is coming toward me and I have my phone ready for a selfie (because when life gives you lemons…) And as he moves down the line, the crowd in the middle moves toward the edge and there are like 50 people on top of me. And he comes to me and signs my playbill and puts his arm around me and as I take this awful picture he goes “too close” and starts to walk away as I take another brilliant photo. And just think it is absolutely hilarious. To think I was totally not going to stay and then I end up with these hilarious pictures with James Franco. Too great. And the show, seriously awesome.


  2. Les Miserables 5/7/14 matinee

    So I thought I’d make posts for the shows I saw last week because I like to have that for my memories.

    So I had seen Les Mis on broadway already about a month ago— it was the matinee of the last day of previews. But that was really spontaneous that I did with my friend and we rushed tickets and it was a very different experience. This time I went with my mom, we had had our tickets since even before that trip with my friend, and I was just anticipating it for so long.

    Growing up, I was never one of those crazy Les Mis fans. I didn’t really know much about it (besides the inevitable as a theatre kid) until 2011ish when I saw it on tour, but I still wasn’t that into it. But when I heard it was back on broadway I HAD to see it, and then after seeing it in previews I got so freaking pumped and I was really into the music and this cast in particular. So I literally spent the weeks leading up to this trip constantly listening to Les Mis on repeat (whilst playing 2048 lol) and obsessing over Ramin and his vlogs and Chris McCarrell’s tweets and just everything.

    So seeing it this time was super special. I think it has come sooo far since the previews. It is just such a good show. I literally don’t have a bad thing to say about it. It’s so well done, so powerful, so amazing. Will Swenson is literally the best Javert ever. So so amazing. And Ramin is god. Literally god. He is flawless and amazing and I love everything about him. Also Kyle is amazing. And now that I knew who Chris McCarrell was, I was watching him during all the group scenes and he is just adorable and amazing and I love him to death.

    So I of course went to the stage door. I was convinced that Ramin and Will wouldn’t come out because they didn’t when I had come to the matinee before, so I thought they used the time to rest or whatever. So I was like mentally prepared for that, albeit quite upset especially due to my recent Ramin OBSESSION.

    So Chris McCarrell is one of the first to come out. Let me say that I am one of the mot nervous stage doorers ever. I don’t know what comes over me, but I never can talk to the people that I would love to have endless conversations with. I just get so scared and I literally can’t do anything. But this Les Mis stage door, I freaking rocked. I like remained calm and said real things. So I was at the end of the line, so Chris is going through all these people and not a single person is talking to him at all. So I knew he was sick from his twitter, so when he gets to me (I think I really surprised him), I go “I hope you’re feeling better” and he like stopped and was like “aww I’m not. I’m on antibiotics!!” in this adorable fake grumpy voice and I literally died. So we talked about that and then took a picture and he was just adorable and I told him to feel better.

    Then Andrew Kober comes out. So I LOVE him from Ramin’s vlogs. Like honestly I think he is one of the funniest beings. And I knew he was like kinda in charge of the softball or whatever. So I really wanted to go watch the softball games that were gonna be the next day but it was supposed to rain really badly. So when he got to me I go”I’m getting so nervous softball is going to be cancelled tomorrow” and he like looks up and is like “yeah I think so too. But its ok Phantom would have kicked our asses anyway” and I was like “oh really?” and he got all into it and was like “oh yeah. They’re good. We aren’t good. They would have whooped our asses.” Too great. He is such a friendly guy. so awesome.

    So then Kyle Scatliffe came. And he is just a super tall bundle of joy and happiness and he is so nice, I love everything about him. So he was just cool and adorable and I just told him how great he was and how much I adore him. 

    Then Will Swenson comes out. So I freak out because I was not expecting this at all. Now I really like Will Swenson. I think he is very talented and just a cool guy. But he is very low energy at the stage door. And I mean, hey, I can’t blame him considering the role he plays 8 times a week. And he is very kind and courteous and takes pictures with anyone who asks and doesn’t make a big deal or anything, he just seems not into it at all. So I had a kinda awkward encounter with him, but I still think he is amazing AF.

    Then Andy Mientus comes out. So I am like a huge fan of smash and thus a huge fan of Andy. So he was the only one I got a picture with the first time I saw it. And I had a proper freak out/heart attack when he came out that time. So this time I was a bit cooler and I just told him I was a huge fan and that he was great etc. He is just a cute little button. He is also kind of awkward, but in a different way, an endearing way. I love him, he’s so cute.

    So then Ramin freaking Karimloo comes out looking snazzy AF and my whole world implodes. Like holy shit. He is like my life right now. So I am just like not able to live. So he comes over and I like say so seriously “you are so amazing and I am such a huge huge fan and you’re just so wonderful” and he like stops and is staring at me so seriously. And then he was like thank you and I asked to take a picture and it is the greatest photo. And then I was like “by the way your vlogs have been excellent” and he was like “oh thank you. I am running out of ideas!” and I was like “just keep singing” and he was like “I got some more ideas actually” And then in response to what I said he goes “yeah haha when in doubt just sing an Avett brothers song!” SO ADORABLE! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

    So that was my very successful trip to see Les Miserables and I wish I could be in a constant state of watching it and being friends with the entire cast. So great. 


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